The blog’s aims

23 02 2012

The main objective of this blog is give an updated information about the on-going writing of my book. Also, after the book is finished, reviewed and translated it will be available for download (free) for everyone who whishes to read it.

The main theme of the book is about a world named Gea. This world has a lot of differences when you compare it to Earth. First of all, people there can live forever, but the problem is that there’s a difficult in conceiving a child and the world is devastated by a constant war. The war is divided in two fronts, the gearnan front, a group of individuals who can use the elements by the cost of their energy whenever they want, and the frealian front, the “normal” people who can only use their power in a time of emotional distress, which usually tends to have catastrophic effects. The book story-line starts in a middle of the war when two kids, Kasei and Mizu, coming from a world-portal. These two kids have the potential to change the fates of all the 3 connected worlds (Gea, Earth and Versiuno) and both sides of the Gea war intend to use them for put an end into it. The real question is would they be used or would they want to achieve their own purposes?


Well, I hope this little abstract made you interested in the book. If you notice any spelling mistakes, errors you can share it with me or even if you think that some characters lacks personality you are welcome to share it with me in the comments.


Ricardo Costa